Online marketing is one of the most important factors that should to be considered when
starting an online business. The search engine algorithms change often and regularly and
DesignHouse5 takes pride on being knowledgeable of the latest SEO developments.

We are unlike many SEO competitors who use outdated strategies and techniques.
Our search engine optimization team is constantly receiving updated SEO training
and is fully aware of what search engines value the most today.

We apply new developments into our SEO strategies and
DesignHouse5 offers you incredible services with
data-driven results.


We turn your website traffic into LEADS!


Your website is the most important tool for enhancing your brand and capturing new clients, customers and business relationships. Your website must have the ability to engage visitors and encourage them to take actions. At DesignHouse5, we start by identifying your business goals and create an interactive user experience designed to help you reach those objectives.

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Pay Per Click advertising (also known as PPC) is one of the best methods to drive immediate results to your website. It allows clients to budget a specific monthly marketing spend for their online ads that are extremely targeted, continually monitored and highly optimized.

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The Solution Features

  •   Identify your specific business needs
  •   Create company specific training materials
  •   Create company specific FAQ's tailored from collected data
  •   Easy live chat implementation
  •   Easy to use live chat application
  •   Application tracks website data in real-time
  •   Proactive chat engagement
  •   Real-time reporting
  •   US based, automotive specialist chat operators
  •   Chat operators are highly experienced
  •   Chat operators focus on generating sales leads
  •   24/7/365 around the clock coverage
  •   Reports and chat transcripts emailed directly to you
  •   Sales leads are automatically loaded into your CRM

Website live chat is a must have solution in the automotive industry, without it, you are far behind your competition. Our website live chat is not just your standard run of the mill chat application. Our solution provides superior features, data metrics, website analytics and dynamic chat. In addition to our award winning live chat application, we offer top tier live chat operator service. This is a perfect combination to expand your hours of operation and generate sales around the clock!


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Word of mouth marketing is more powerful than ever, where consumers are continuously embracing social media channels to get news, updates and offers from their favorite brands. At DesignHouse5, we understand the power of social media and the impact of how it is fundamentally changing the way we communicate and the urgency for brands to have a successful social media presence with which to make an impact online.

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